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June 2018
We need your help to improve
Our website is undergoing some changes the next months. To improve in the right direction, we need your help. May we please have 2 minutes of your time to answer a couple of questions regarding our website and the language used on the site? Just follow the link, and make us happy

Ambitious documentary reveals hidden lives in the Nordic waters
Under the apparently monotonous and boring ocean surface, the Nordic waters hides some incredible stories, which NRK will now tell. To tell the stories, they also have one of the world's leading underwater photographers on board. Read more in Danish

Over 9 million euros handed out
This spring, the Nordvision Fund handed out money to both production- and development support. In total, almost 60 projects were supported. Read more in Swedish 

If you know want to read more in a scandinavian language, you can read more about DR and NRK collaborating on the FIFA World Cup 2018, and about how Swedish Yle, UR and NRK are making explainer videos on difficult and universal topics together.  

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Nordvision publishes a vast, printed annual report every spring. All the articles in the report are published in Scandinavian as well as in English. If you want a printed report please contact the secretariat, otherwise there are also digital pdf-versions available below.