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December 19th 2016

Funding for 65 projects
The Nordvision Fund handed out both production and development funding in December.
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YLE and NRK cooperates on disclosing radical right wing groups
Stressed journalists and scarce resources, are the everyday life in many newsrooms. Cooperation and shared materials can reduce the workload. Cooperation can also lead to end products that are tailored to their audience. This is what happened in the collaboration between YLE and NRK.
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Development money for Youth and young adults group
The Board of the Nordvision Fund have decided to give the Youth and young adults group 400,000 DKK (53,000 Euro) in annual decentralized R&D funding.
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Save the dates
Have you noticed the meeting dates for spring? Mark relevant meetings already now in your calendar.

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Nordvision publishes a vast, printed annual report every spring. All the articles in the report are published in Scandinavian as well as in English. If you want a printed report please contact the secretariat, otherwise there are also digital pdf-versions available below. 

13. January 2016 kl. 13.37

Never before have Nordic public TV channels co-produced - and exchanged so many of each others' - television programmes...

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