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October 2018.

The deadline for applying for funding from the Nordvision Fund is closing in
November 1, 2018, marks the last day for applying for funding through the Nordvision Fund. Applications are submitted online, here on (you need to be a registered user in order to submit an application). For a closer look on the process, please refer to our guide.


The sometimes devastating hunt for perfection
In a joint extensive look at what makes young women all over the Nordic countries fall sick from the ever-growing hunt for “the perfect life”, SVT and Svenska Yle will be following a group of women in each of their respective countries over a 6-month period of time. Through video blogs, the participants will tell the viewers about their daily life, through good and bad times, in an attempt to expose the, at times, hazardous hunt for what is viewed as a successful life.


Nordic Hack Day shows the path into the future
To the 50-or-so participants of the Nordic Hack Day in Helsinki, the 24-hour race from idea to demo easily could have seemed like an impossible challenge. Instead, the results of the meeting were truly astonishing. The teams presented an array of ideas on how to improve the service given by the Nordic public service companies to their users. How could you use a smart speaker to cast your vote in a live poll during a soccer game? What if you could unlock hidden content by performing interactive tasks? The winning team, however, went on to re-imagine the news article format for a young audience. It seems likely that we could see some of these ideas come to real life in the not too distant future.


Drama takes the front seat on new platforms
About a year ago, Hyppe Salmi of Yle Draama did something no one seemed to have done before her; she dared to help create a drama series published exclusively through Instagram Stories. The target audience, girls aged 14 to 17, liked what they saw. Karma, as the project was called, collected way more followers over the course of a couple of days than the producers could have imagined. The instant success granted that the project of creating content for this very platform wouldn’t come to an end after this first attempt; the planning of another Instagram series has begun.

Nordvision publishes a vast, printed annual report every spring. All the articles in the report are published in Scandinavian as well as in English. If you want a printed report please contact the secretariat, otherwise there are also digital pdf-versions available below.