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April 10 2017

NRK and DR Join Forces to Launch Radio App 
With the launch of the joint radio app in spring 2017, NRK and DR are making history in Nordvision. It’s the first time ever two partners have come this far in a technological publishing and distribution cooperation. Both the apps and the cooperation will be put to the test in earnest when almost identical versions launch in spring 2017. Read more in Danish here. 

One Million Bird-Boxes – Tangible Results Benefitting the Environment
In November 2015, Yle’s campaign format One million bird-boxes was awarded Research and Development support from the Nordvision digital format competition in the Factual group. Since then, the project has progressed quickly on all levels and been so successful it has surprised the bird-box team. Read more in Swedish.

Young user involvement is the answer to the challenges in today’s public service
Nordvision gathered earlier this month a string of today's best digital storytellers at an international festival in DR Byen. Young user involvement in the creation of new narratives and formats, emerged as one of the conference's most compelling ideas on how to keep hold of the users. Perhaps it is also a way to move them on to new platforms. Read more in Danish.

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Nordvision publishes a vast, printed annual report every spring. All the articles in the report are published in Scandinavian as well as in English. If you want a printed report please contact the secretariat, otherwise there are also digital pdf-versions available below. 

13. January 2016 kl. 13.37

Never before have Nordic public TV channels co-produced - and exchanged so many of each others' - television programmes...

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