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February 2018

Another record year
Nordvision sets new records for the fourth year in a row. 2017 saw Nordvision, the Nordic public service media partnership, deliver more programme episodes than ever before in its 59-year history. However, this record-breaking run may be about to end. Read more in english here. 

Henrik Harmann stays on as Secretary General of Nordvision
On July 1, 2018, Henrik Hartmann starts a new term as Secretary General at Nordvision. Hartmann has solid experience from previous positions within DR as well as the Nordvision partnership. During his next four years as Secretary General, he wants to focus on developing digital cooperation.

’Arvinge okänd’-format travels in the Nordic countries
This programme looks up people who have no idea that they have an inheritance to claim. The SVT format has attracted interest from abroad, even beyond DR and NRK, which are currently producing their own versions (in Swedish).

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Have you noticed the meeting dates for spring, and Festival of Digital Narratives? Mark relevant meetings now in your calendar.

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