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March 7 2017

Känslokoll: What Do You Think?
Have you ever wanted to test a programme or content on your audience before you launch, but you have not had anyone try it on? SVT in Stockholm has tried to find a solution to that problem. Read more in Norwegian on

Nordic Noir – One of the World’s Most Talked About TV Phenomenon
Nordic drama is currently one of the most talked about TV phenomena, and has been for some time. However, the recipe for success and the creative formula(s) are not clear-cut. NRK’s Head of drama, Ivar Køhn, provides his explanation on the development of this success and on how he sees Nordic TV drama in the future on

The Year SHAME Became a Nordic Success
The silhouette of a success has been visible for a long time, but that Shame should receive Beatles ranking in all the Nordic countries, no one could predict. Basically, Shame was and is aimed at Norwegian 16-year-olds, but in the event, the series has become the pet success of younger audiences throughout the entire Nordic region (In Norwegian).   

Bitre druer Documentary – An Exemplary Cooperation
The revealing story in the documentary Bitre druer (Sour Grapes) about the slave-like conditions for vineyard workers in South Africa, is a textbook example of a cooperation in Nordic investigative journalism at its best, according to editor Fredrik Laurin from SVT’s Uppdrag Granskning (UG). Read more in Danish. 

TV Streaming – A New Era for TV Media
In spring 2016, the Nordvision fund awarded funding to the four Nordic media research departments for a research project on TV streaming. Thanks to this funding, the Nordic media research departments where able to work together on yet another big project, which has previously proved highly fruitful. (The full article is in Danish)

Nordic TV - and media collaboration breaks all records
Never before has so much TV been co-produced across Nordic boundaries. Overall, 2016 proved the best year ever for the Nordvision partnership, and the year also saw a number of new ground-breaking joint ventures in investigative journalism, the renewal of radio cooperation and digital collaboration on Euro 2016. And then, of course, there was ”SKAM”.

DR mixes foreign content in new ways
DR has begun to send more Nordic and European series, which also means fewer American series on its TV channels. The trend will continue in the coming years, Peter Rosberg in DR, says (Danish article). 

Save the dates
Have you noticed the meeting dates for spring? Mark relevant meetings already now in your calendar.

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Never before have Nordic public TV channels co-produced - and exchanged so many of each others' - television programmes...

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