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January 2019

Nordvision in great shape

With a total of 4,912 programme episodes, the Nordvision 2018 results show that this specific collaboration on Nordic content has achieved its second-best year ever.  These results must be viewed against the increasing financial pressures facing public service media across Europe and in spite of constantly growing competition from international streaming providers.

Read the statement from Secretary General Henrik Hartmann here:


Øyvind Lund the new Chair of Nordvision

As we move into a new year of Nordic cooperation, Øyvind Lund, Media Director of NRK, takes over as the new Chair of Nordvision. He sees a Nordvision in great shape, but also the need for a strengthened joint public service media landscape in the Nordic countries.


Swedish format is a success in several Nordic countries

Arvinge okänd, a show where lost heirs are found around the world, is a great success for the producer, SVT in Gothenburg. DR adopted the format, to great success of their own, and now NRK is preparing for a Norwegian version.


The News Exchange brings the latest from every corner of the Nordics

Thanks to the exchange of news content within the Nordvision framework, users of public service media across the Nordics can enjoy the latest on big news from all the broadcasters. Live reports are transferred via fast fibre connection, and the news desks can use reliable reporting from every corner of the Nordic countries.

Nordvision publishes a vast, printed annual report every spring. All the articles in the report are published in Scandinavian as well as in English. If you want a printed report please contact the secretariat, otherwise there are also digital pdf-versions available below.